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About Cleveland LPGA Amateur Golf Association

Founded in 1992, LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Cleveland Chapter (formerly the EWGA Cleveland Chapter) has approximately 130 members golfing at an assortment of courses throughout NE Ohio.  In addition to weekly evening nine hole golf leagues, LPGA Amateur Golf Association Cleveland hosts tournaments and events, provides networking opportunities, education and volunteer opportunities and access to National LPGA Amateur Golf Association benefits, such as the annual Chapter Championship and the Champions Cup Tournament.

Letter from the President

Dear LPGA Amateur Golf Association Cleveland members; 

I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year and hope that we are all surviving this crazy January weather!

The 2018 LPGA Amateur Golf Association Cleveland board is actively planning a great schedule of events for the upcoming season. We have a few off-season/winter events in the works with our Kick-Off scheduled for April. Watch your email and this site for details as they are finalized.

We are starting off with a January golf simulator event at Valleaire on January 23rd. A great opportunity to reconnect with old and new golf friends.

As always, we appreciate any ideas or feedback to improve our events and your experience as an LPGA Amateur Golf Association member. Please feel free to contact me or the board with your thoughts.  We also have a few open board positions (membership); please contact me for more information if you are interested in helping out.

See you on the course!

Susan Curtis
President, LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Cleveland Chapter

Meet the 2019 Board

Congratulations to the 2018 Board!

President:  Susan Curtis
Member Services:  Gloria Merritt

Events:  Mary Beth Breckenridge
Finance & Records Director: Wendy Shick
Member Recruitment: Unfilled
Marketing: Deb Solyan 

Want to get involved?  Make new friends?  Have a say in what the Cleveland Chapter is doing?  VOLUNTEER!  Members are welcome and needed to help for the 2019 year.  Contact Susan Curtis via email or call her at 570-815-1135.

Have a story or photo to share on web site, Facebook or Linkedin? Contact Carolyn Caplan via email.


2018 Events

January 23 - Pre-season warm ups/golf simulator at Valleaire
March 19 - Pre-season warm ups/golf simulator at The Golf Dome
April 19 - Season Kick Off, Sleepy Hollow Golf Course
May 10 - Girls Got Swing Night Out
May 20 - 9 & Wine, Ironwood GC, Winery TBD
June 23 - Member Guest, Hawthorne Valley Golf Course
July 14 - Chapter Championship, Sweetbriar GC, Legacy Course
August 4 - All Ohio Event - Deer Ridge Golf Club in Bellville, Oh
August 11 - Course Challenge, Seneca Golf Course
September 8 - Year End, Manakiki Golf Course

From Nationals –
August 18 - Upper Mideast Semi-Final (Championship) - Autumn Ridge Golf Course, Fort Wayne, IN
Sept. 29 & 30 - Great Lakes Qualifier (Match Play)Turning Stone Golf Club, Verona, NY
Nov. 2 & 3 - LPGA Amateur Golf Association Cup Finals (Match Play) Horseshoe Bay Resort, Horseshoe Bay, TX
Oct. 12 & 13 - LPGA Amateur Golf Association Championship Finals Innisbrook Resort, Palm Harbor, FL
For details regarding LPGA Amateur Golf Association National Events, click here.

Click HERE for a printable calendar of Cleveland's events and course info.



Year End Results

37 golfers gathered at Manakiki Golf Course in Willoughby Hills on September 8. The rain from Tropical Storm Gordon decided to stay south for the day as we only had a few sprinkles at one point.  All enjoyed a nice dinner and plenty of Chinese auction items. Ann Shamess was the 50-50 winner. Everyone received a new LPGA AGA towel. A big thanks for Mary Beth Breckenridge, our events guru, for a fine day !!

Olga Merela won the Most Improved Golfer award for 2018 based on her reduction in handicap.

Wendy Shick posted the low score of the day with 74. Rosanne Fiorilli posted the best net score of the day with a 64. Terry Baxter had low putts of the day with 27. Rosanne Fiorilli left with a bunch of cash for winning 5 skins for $50.

The following were flight winners – 1st and 2nd in each category. First place received $50 and second place received $30.Low putts received $25.
Flight 1 – Gross
Wendy Shick – 74
Aly Ales Holt – 76
Terry Baxter – low putts 27
Flight 1 – Net
Leigh Murray – 65
Clare Labaj – 66
Flight 2 – Gross
Rosanne Fiorilli – 94
Donna Schreiber – 98
Donna Schreiber - low putts 31 (tie breaker)
Flight 2 – Net
Deb Solyan – 75 (tie breaker)
Debbie Kandel – 75
Flight 3 – Gross
Susan Curtis – 99
Debbie McCreery – 108 (tie breaker)
Susan Curtis – low putts 31
Flight 3 – Net
Kathleen Riggi – 66
Debi Nichols – 74

Skill Shots
#2 – Closest to pin, second shot – Rosanne Fiorilli
#4 – Long drive – Aly Ales Holt
#6 – Closest to pin, any shot off green  – Elaine Musztuk
#9 – Long putt – Laurie Schroeder
#12 – Closest to pin, any shot off green – Deb Solyan
#15 – Closest to pin on tee shot – Helen Oshaben
#16 – Long Putt – Deb Solyan
#18 – Closest to pin, second shot – Aly Ales Holt    

Flight 1 – Aly Ales Holt and Wendy Shick (2) - $36: Leigh Murray (1) - $18

Flight 2 – Rosanne Fiorilli (5) - $50: Deb Solyan and Laurie Schroeder (2) - $20:  Sam Wright and Barb Tsivitse (1) - $10

Flight 3 – Five players with (1) - $22: Susan Curtis, Debi Nichols, Debbie McCreery, Kathleen Riggi and Helen Oshaben

20180908_134913.jpg20180908_183340.jpg20180908_183356.jpg 20180908_112323.jpg20180908_183334.jpg20180908_183404.jpg 20180908_183334.jpg20180908_183347.jpg

Course Challenge


A wonderful day blessed the 2018 Course Challenge at Seneca Golf Course on 8-11. The 12 golfers from the “East” courses (Berkshire, Grantwood, Pine Ridge) grabbed the Course Challenge title. The East team consisted of Aly Ales Holt, Elsa Arriola, Terry Baxter, Donna Byrnes, Rosanne Fiorilli, Jennifer Moissis, Christy Mulhall, Debi Nicholas, Kathleen Riggi, Donna Schreiber, Wendy Shick and Samantha Wright.

The format for play was two-person teams. The first 9 holes was best ball format in which both players played their own ball and used the lower score. The second 9 holes was a scramble. After play on the course, the golfers had a putting contest from 10 ft, 20 ft and 30 ft.

The East golfers pulled out the win by winning first in the team score and also the putting contest portion of the Challenge. For the golf portion, Debi  Nicholas and Kathleen Riggi won low net with a score of 60. Elsa Arriola was the best putter of the day. Each of the member of the South team received an $12 card from Dick’s.

Other award winners were:
Aly Ales Holt and Samantha Wright – low gross team with 76.
Debi Nicholas and Kathleen Riggi – low net team with 60.
Elsa Arriola – best putter in the putting contest.

Skill shot winners:
Long putt – Elsa Arriola, Debbie Kandel/Bonnie Kowalski
Closest to Pin – Terry Baxter, Christy Mulhall/Jennifer Moissis
Closest to Pin-Any shot off green – Samantha Wright, Donna Schreiber and Kandel/Kowalski
Long drive- Kathleen Riggi
Closest to water w/o going in – Debi Nicholas

All Ohio

20180804_170112.jpg 20180804_170004.jpg 20180804_165141.jpg

All Ohio Results (team score, net best 2 of 4 balls)

GOLD Medal Team (won a scorecard tie breaker) - 120:
Dina Stier (Cleveland), Mary Murphy (Cleveland), Elsa Arriola (Cleveland), Nicole Zingale (Cleveland/Canton)

SILVER Medal Team (lost the scorecard tie breaker with above team) – 120:
Terry Baxter (Cleveland), Rosanne Fiorilli (Cleveland), Cathy Bissonette (Columbus), Zoe Hesp (Columbus)

BRONZE Medal Team (also won a scorecard playoff over the 4th place team) – 121:
Ann Fiorini (Columbus), Diane Thompson (Columbus), Aly Ales Holt (Cleveland), Debbie Kandel (Cleveland/Canton)

Special thanks to Baird for providing the medals to the winning teams and food and drink post-round

Baird representatives who participated in the event: Christine Benner (Cleveland), Kim Haws Falasco (Canton), and Pamela Kiltau (Canton)

Skill Shot Winners:
#1 – Closest to the pin on Second Shot (Handicaps between 27-40) – Kim Haws Falasco (Canton)
#3 – Closest to the pin (Handicaps between 0-26) – Sally Oiler (Columbus)
#4 – Long drive (must be on the fairway) (Handicaps between 27-40) – Rosanne Fiorilli (Cleveland)
#8 – Long putt (must be made on the green not the fringe) – Susan Curtis (Cleveland)
#12 – Long drive (must be on the fairway) (Handicaps between 0-26) – Aly Ales Holt (Cleveland)
#14 – Long putt (must be made on the green not the fringe) – Cindy Darwal (Cleveland)
#15 – Closest to the pin on Second Shot (Handicaps between 0-26) – Ann Fiorini (Columbus)
#17 – Closest to the pin (Handicaps between 27-40) – Cyndi Baker (Canton)

Winning Team for Trivia Contest (2018 Winter Olympics) – perfect score of 100%!!!!!!

  • Lisa Bizjak (Cleveland), Cindy Darwal (Cleveland), Sally Pedon (Columbus), Karen Hudson (Columbus)

Chautauqua Weekend with Rochester Chapter


Kick Off

Kick Off was held on April 19 at Sleepy Hollow GC.  25 attended and enjoyed a buffet dinner, raffles, and updates on all upcoming 2018 events.  Jill Windelspecht of Talent Specialists Consulting was the speaker.  


Pre-Season at The Golf Dome

Golf_Dome_1.jpg Golf_Dome_2.jpg
Golf_Dome_3.jpg Golf_Dome_4.jpg

Pre-Season Warm Up at Valleaire


Member News


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Upcoming Events

SEE YOU in 2019!!

Chapter Championship 2018

LPGA Amateurs Championship

The LPGA Championship was held the weekend of October 12 at the Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, Fl.  Cleveland members Cindy Darwal (on an exemption from her 2017 first place win), Susan Curtis, Denise Andres, Debbie McCreeryCarolyn Caplan (Miami/Cleveland dual member) Nicole Zingale (Canton/Cleveland dual member) competed in this wonderful event.  Hurricane Michael blew by before participants arrived and the weather was beautiful.  Denise Andres won 3rd low gross in the 4th flight and Susan Curtis won 2nd low net in the 3rd flight.  Congratulations to all participants for advancing from 2500 players across the country, down to 279 who made it to the finals!
IMG_1392.jpgDenise Andres IMG_1391.jpgSusan Curtis
IMG_1352.jpgFrom left: Carolyn Caplan, Nicole Zingale, Caddie Joe Darwal, Cindy Darwal, Debbie McCreery, Susan Curtis, Denise Andres.

Upper Mideast Semi-Final Results

Congratulations to LPGA Amateurs Championship winners at the semi-finals in Ft. Wayne, IN - Susan Curtis 1LG in 3rd flight, Mary Beth Breckenridge 2LG in 3rd flight, Debbie McCreery 1LG in 4th flight and Denise Andres 1 LN in 4th flight. Susan, Debbie and Denise will join Cindy Darwal who was a 1 LN winner in the 2nd flight at the Championship last year and gained an exemption to play this year at Innisbrook in St. Petersburg, FL in October!

Chapter Championship Qualifier

The Cleveland Chapter's Championship qualifier was held on July 14 at the Sweetbriar GC in Avon Lake.  First low gross and low net winners in each flight, and the first and second place scramble teams will advance to the LPGA Amateur Golf Association's Championship semi-finals at the Autumn Ridge GC in Fort Wayne, IN on August 18.  Congratulations to the following winners who will advance:
First Flight - LG - Wendy Shick
Second Flight - LG - Debbie Warman
Second Flight - LN - Kate Vezdos
Third Flight - LG - Mary Beth Breckenridge
Third Flight - LN - Susan Curtis
Fourth Flight - LG - Denise Andres
Fourth Flight - LN - Debbie McCreery
Scramble Team - 1st place - Allison Morrow, Clare Labaj, Patricia Blackmon, Deborah Solyan
Scramble Team - 2nd place - Debbie Brenner, Nancy Cetina, Lori Maxwell, Kim Bailey

Other results:
Second Flight - 2LG - Bonnie Kowalski.  Third Flight - 2LG - Gloria Merritt, 2LN - Donna Schreiber, 3 LG - Debi Stranman, 3LN - Ann Shamess.  Fourth Flight - 2LG - Elaine Musztuk, 2LN - Christy Mulhall.  Scramble team - 3rd place - Kelli Chronister, Kristen Miller, Jo Dangel, Diane Kovachik.

Champions Cup 2018

The LPGA Amateurs Match Play Cup Finals were held in Horseshoe Bay, Texas at the Horseshoe Bay Resort the weekend of November 2-3.  Cleveland team Hot in Cleveland, comprised of Captain Sue Williams, Maria Kamenos, Leigh Murray, Andy Shimek, Donna Schreiber, Lisa Bizjak, Carolyn Caplan, and substitute Michelle Walma from Toronto (sub for Terry Baxter) advanced to the finals.  The event was phenomenal with 450 energetic women participating.  Congratulations to dual Cleveland/Canton member Deb Kandel for her team Canton Birdie Bunch FIRST PLACE WIN!!!

Team_Hot_in_Cleveland.jpg Canton_Birdie_Bunch.jpg

The Great Lakes Champions Cup Qualifier was held September 29 & 30 at the Turningstone Resort in Verona, NY.  Although chilly and wet at times, the course and facilities were beautiful (and challenging)!  Two Cleveland teams, "Cleveland Rocks the Socks" and "Hot in Cleveland" participated.
Congratulations to team Hot in Cleveland, comprised of team members Sue Williams (Captain), Maria Kamenos, Leigh Murray, Andy Shimek, Donna Schreiber, Terry Baxter, Lisa Bizjak and Carolyn Caplan finished in 6th place out of 24 teams and advanced to the Cup finals in Horseshoe Bay, Tx held on November 2-3.  Team "Cleveland Rocks the Socks", is comprised of Pat Blackmon, Eileen McCarthy, Allison Morrow, Marlayna Jacinto, Claire Labaj, Wendy Shick, Deb Solyan and Laurie Schroeder

IMG_1321.jpgHot in Cleveland
IMG_1313.jpgCleveland Rocks the Socks


Berkshire Hills · Wednesdays – tee times start at 5:30pm
Briarwood · Mondays –  start at 5:28pm - 5:52pm
Grantwood · Wednesdays –  start at 5:10pm
Pine Ridge · Tuesdays – start at 5:02pm
Sleepy Hollow · Tuesdays - start at 5:33pm - 4 tee times
Sweetbriar · Mondays – start at 4:48pm

For additional information including "Games of the Week"  and Course Director's contact information, click on the Leagues Tab.


Saturday play at courses around NE Ohio.  Members who sign up will receive an email 7-10 days prior to play, and can indicate their intent to play.  Prior members are already signed up.  New members - to sign up or for questions, contact Lisa Bizjak - labizj@yahoo.com.

2018 Travel League Schedule
May 5 - Sanctuary Golf Club, North Canton
June 1-3 - Peek 'n Peak/Chautauqua Golf Club (with Rochester NY Chapter)
July 7 - Fox Den Golf Course, Stow
Sept 1 - Hemlock Springs Golf Club, Geneva
Oct - TBD

Cleveland 25 Year Celebration Memory Book

Thanks to all who sent photos and memories.  The memory book has been updated to reflect Diane Ward and Jan Dregalla as past presidents.  Some have been compiled into a memory book which can be viewed by clicking this link.

Education Corner

Click HERE for an abbreviated description of some of the most important changes in the Rule of Golf 2019!